The Purpose Of Life

Sometimes whenever I am submerged in the sea of my deep thoughts, I always think about the people who have attained clarity about what they have to do in their life, it kind of fills a sense of envy inside me. Just think how lightheaded they must be feeling as they are aware of the purpose of their life.

They have the answer in their mind to the most difficult question which is why we are here? or what we are doing with our life?

This brings in my mind a very relatable quote by Mark Twain which I saw at the beginning of a Denzel Washington movie “The Equalizer” i.e.-


“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”


This quote is so direct and so effective that it really makes sense; we are nothing if we don’t know what we have to do with our life.

We have to follow a system, a created system like robots at the early stages of our life, which is related to our education our conduct in society. Everything is fed to us but the most important thing, of which a few of us are denied, is the “purpose”.

A life without a purpose is very hard to live, Due to the absence of this important element of what we exactly want to do. We tend to follow anything or everything which leads us to more issues.

For example, we just follow the herd and start doing what others are doing thinking that because others are doing this, therefore it might be the correct thing to do.

But then later on we find out that our heart and mind are not with us, they both are not supporting.

To understand this situation let’s take an interesting example:-

You felt the need to buy a new pair of shoes and you went to the market, you selected one on the basis of what other people or your friends and relatives thought was nice and it looked great also.

You inserted your feet inside the shoe while sitting on the chair and you observed that how great they are looking, And then you got up and started to walk and you found out that due to the shape of the shoe you are not able to comfortably walk although it fits you properly still there is something, along with the shape which is making you uncomfortable. Now you want to buy the shoe because it is in the trend but as you are not getting the comfort you are not able to make a decision. Let’s suppose you purchased it because it’s in fashion but then it will be kept in the shoe rack most of the time as when you go out you need comfort, not the looks or not the trend or not what others are choosing, You need your solace you need your relief.

The same goes with us in our lives; we want to know what we like to do the most. As that’s the key to our success.



But I agree, we can’t hold on for too long in order to find out what we are good at, because we have to pay our bills we have to take care of our parents and family.  So, the idea is to first calm ourselves, and believe that whatever we did till now we did that in pursuit of that special thing in which we are the best. And ultimately we are going to own it. Yes! We will own it because that is ours and it is somewhere hidden and we have to find it out.

We are taking care of our family, our parents we are giving back love to the world therefore we are on the right path.

Always remember, I am telling this from my personal experience that whenever you care for someone or be good to someone without any greed we receive blessings.

The fight within ourselves will continue and we have to deal with it because it’s that difficult path that will lead us to the answers to our questions.


What we are good at and what things can we do which can make us taste success, This will constantly go on, The envy which comes in our mind watching others who are clear about their life is nothing but a part of this difficult journey and we have to endure everything because we need to focus on our goal. Only success shouldn’t be the sole criteria, there are people who have earned loads of money but are not able to

Live a peaceful and joyful life.

What is joy?

Joy is to see the sense of belief in your parent’s eyes which they have upon you, the belief that their child loves them and will always be there for them. Joy is the belief of your wife upon you that you will never deceive her, Joy is to have time to play with your children; Joy is to spend time with your friends.

So, Let’s agree that yes we are still trying to find the purpose but for that, we have to keep on walking on the right path, we cannot get depressed watching other’s success we have to back ourselves we have to look in the sky and remind ourselves of its vastness. The same vastness is present for us there are lots of things available to choose from and we need to choose the one thing which we love to do.

The journey for those who still have not found the purpose of life is difficult but we can’t stop we have to continue finding it together with the second thing which we are doing at present. The secondary thing which we are doing right now which we do not enjoy at all is the fuel of our vehicle which will lead us to our ultimate goal.

God bless all who are entangled in understanding life’s mystery who are searching for the truth and bliss, Hope one day you all will get what you want.