The following article shall help you to understand procrastination, why it occurs, and how to overcome it with simple methods; it can help people who are facing this problem. Procrastination is a state when you are continuously delaying some important work or project. In your mind, you are aware that you have to do it and also it is important for you. But still, you are getting reluctant to start.

There could be various reasons, e.g.:-

  1. You are not interested in the work which you have to do
  2. The work involves lot of focus and concentration
  3. You are interested but not getting the motivation to start
  4. You are involved in some other work and you have decided to start once you get free.
  5. The work you have to do is critical and requires lots of working hours and for that you are trying to boost up yourself.

The above mentioned are some of the general reasons, yours don’t need to match with the above, but it could be closer to some of them. Now, we understood what are the roadblocks which limit you to start your work. And due to this, you start thinking in the back of your mind about the pending work continuously. This leads to stress and suddenly you feel that you have not yet started the work but just the thought of not getting started has made your mind so tired that you feel that you need some more time to begin. Hence, this cycle goes on repeating. And you suggest yourself that today you are not in a good frame of mind due to anxiety so you will start tomorrow.

The procrastination cycle-

Mentioned below are the steps which can help us to counter procrastination-

-Taking the first step

-Fragmentation of work

-Keep the first hurdle easy

– Introducing Time Factor

– Keep it simple

Let us understand each of them one by one:

Take the first step-

Whenever you have a project or work in your hand and you are not able to start, the most important thing which you need to do is to somehow start from somewhere. So, first, just take a deep breath try and relax your mind and body, ask yourself that whatever secondary things I am doing right now are going to help me in the long run? Am I learning something or adding to my skills by doing this work? What if at the same time, same energy I put into my project/work which is important for me and which will help me to grow. Now, after asking questions to yourself, you start feeling that, Yes your mind is taking you now on the right path. Have a look at your project/work, analyze it for a while. Find out how much approximate time you need to complete the job.

Tell your mind you don’t have to complete the work in one go, you can simplify it. You can break the job into small achievable parts.

Fragmentation of work-

To make the work look easy and less painful, start the fragmentation process i.e. breaking work into tiny parts. When the work starts to look easy you get the feeling and encouragement that it’s time to begin. Also when the job is broken into various phases it becomes easy to track your progress and further design the working efforts.

Keep the First Hurdle easy-

It is important to keep the first hurdle a bit easy, this can benefit in 2 ways-

1.  Finally you will start your work.

2. An easy task can help you to get into the groove and start taking interest in work.

Introducing time factor-

Breaking the fragmented work further based on time, E.g. if phase 1 requires approx. 60mins to complete and you find it difficult then you can break it into 3 sittings of 20mins each and can also take breaks in between.

Keep it simple-

Don’t push yourself into too many processes or deadlines as it will further make things complex, keeping it simple will make you move forward with ease.


Just try to look at the things with a simple mindset, if work is complex break it into simple pieces and take the first step. Always remind yourself that waiting for the right time shall keep you waiting. It’s ok if things are not going perfect, Perfection can be achieved by progress.

You can defeat procrastination only by taking action from your end, the will to act is necessary.