This particular question continuously keeps ringing in my head, will I ever be happy? Since my childhood when I understood the meaning of happiness, that what it is? And why do we keep on demanding it? Why do we want happiness to be a persistent guest in our lives? I always tried to chase it.

Most of the time I experienced happiness but I couldn’t keep it with myself for a longer period, Happiness is like perfume’s fragrance it holds with us at the beginning and slowly diminishes as the day progresses. And at the end of the day, we crave more. In this article, we will try and find out answers for where is happiness in life? Where do we find our happiness? Just imagine you are living a life monotonously there is nothing, which can give you a sense of happiness or a moment of joy to celebrate. How that will make you feel? Certainly, happiness is considered very important in life!

Types of Happiness

Let us find out what are the types of happiness we experience as per our life cycle-

  1. As a kid- When we are kids and when we doesn’t even understand the meaning of happiness we start to experience it, you must have seen how cheerful a kid gets when he/she see their mother or father.
  2. Toys and Confectioneries- As we grow more we crave for Toy’s and chocolates, Sweets and when our parents provide the same we get very much satisfied.
  3. Schools & College- When we get good grades we are delighted with the sense of pride.
  4. Job & Business- Earning a good position in an office or taking up a business also gives us a lot of joy and satisfaction.
  5. Love & Relationship- Who can ever forget the euphoria a person experiences when they fall in love with someone and the proposal is accepted by their choice of person.
  6. Monetary- Money is important for happiness; I guess lots of people will agree on this. We tend to get very happy when we get a salary hike, Or if we are achieving profit in our business. It gives us satisfaction that our honest hard work has given us results.
  7. Holidays & Outing- No one wants to miss the fun when they get a chance to travel somewhere taking out time from there busy schedules.
  8. Marriage- This is one of the most important thing which happens in a person’s life, because after this there comes the biggest shift. People keep their wedding albums and videos very safely with them for years, just to get the feeling of that day.
  9. Becoming Parents- Every couple enjoys the day when they become parents, a new family member enters in their life and a new responsibility is on their shoulders.
  10. First walk of the child- Only a mother can explain how jubilant she feels when her child starts to walk for the first time.
  11. Children’s Marriage- Parents experience the bliss when their children get married and get settled in their lives.
  12. life satisfaction- In old age a couple celebrates their time on special occasions like birthday or Anniversary, Keeping in mind that there life was meaningful and they are satisfied with their life.

Going by the above-mentioned types of happiness, I am not saying that it covers all the ecstasy which we experience but more or less, above mentioned types sum up most of it. Now the agenda here is that we get lots of opportunities to feel the cloud nine moments but still we are not happy and we search for more. For how many days we can be happy for 1 month or 2 months, life again goes back to the same track. We again start feeling the emptiness and the solace we received just a while ago vanishes with the course of time. If you will ask the richest person in the world also that if he is 100% satisfied or happy with his life he will not agree completely, such is human behavior. Our lust and greed can never be fulfilled till our death bed.

How to be Happy Then?

 The secret of happiness is to stop pursuing it, Sound’s weird right? But this is the only way to attain real bliss. Chasing joy is a never-ending process you will keep on chasing it throughout your whole life but unfortunately, you will never be able to achieve it and stop yourself from wanting more.

Try to achieve Inner Peace Instead

Imagine a tree in the winter season, only two leaves are remaining on the tree rest of the leaves have fallen. And a strong wind is blowing which is making the lives of both the leaves miserable. But the difference in both the leaves is that one of the leaves has stopped resisting against the wind and the other one is still trying to fight. In a while, both get blown away by the wind, But one of them accepted the fate happily and made itself understand that instead of fighting with the wind just go along with the flow as that’s what was bound to happen.

That strong wind is life and the leaves are us, we often chase or fight with things in our lives thinking that it will bring us joy or satisfaction but instead we end up begging for more. Just accept the truth of life, i.e. nothing is permanent. Accept what life offers and enjoy it.

Inner peace is the answer to your questions, you have to earn it. Think in this way…..

What is that you want badly? Money, Fame, Job it could be anything that is making you crazy because of its absence from your life. All the things come to your mind because you are hungry for happiness, you think Money, Fame will give you happiness but finally, when you gain all these you find out that nothing has changed. You are back again to the starting point. So we need to train our mind to focus, Think beyond all these things which makes us greedy.

How to attain Inner Peace

Yoga- Yoga can provide great help to us in order to shift the focus of our mind; it puts a sense of calmness in our body. What we exactly need is to just stop for a while; we need to get off from the fast-moving train which is carrying us. Think why I am running? What do I want? I can get things by being calm also. We need to stop being anxious and take the much-needed halt.

Reading- Reading spiritual books or articles can teach us that people in this world have achieved a lot of things without running behind anything. They have done so by focusing on what’s important.

Self Talking- Keep reminding yourself about the reality, We motivate ourselves so many times but things don’t work because we have to tell ourselves again and again which we don’t do. We lose our concentration by focusing on other’s success we keep on comparing ourselves with others that’s where anxiety and depression start to play their role.


I will conclude by stating that Taking control of ourselves or being at peace completely depends upon our way of thinking. Don’t go behind things that give you momentary pleasures as you will keep on looking out for these pleasures throughout your whole life.

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