Fear is something that stops you to walk on the path of success, We all imagine ourselves to be a winner but to be that we have to overcome our worst fears. If we fail in that then we will fail in life. Imagine if Vasco Da Gama wouldn’t have taken stride to explore the world then no one would have known his name, Greatness can be achieved only by defeating your inner demons. Only those are remembered who come out of their shell and show character, It is the only way by which you can reach greater heights, or else you will be bound to live a mediocre life.

In this article, we are focusing on the types of fears which can make us helpless and not allow us to live a satisfying life and how we can deal with it-

Types of fears which needs to be addressed or else can hold us back in our lives-

  1. Getting Rejected
    a. You avoid meeting new people
    b. You avoid getting in to new relationship
    c. You avoid asking something from your parents in relation with your career, education, or the women you love.
    d. You avoid asking something from your wife
    e. You avoid asking your boss for payment hike
    f. You avoid asking an attractive person to go for a date
  2. Fear of Failure
    a. Not trying something new until getting confident of wining
    b. Not able to achieve your job related targets
    c. Business startup
  3. Fear of the Unknown
    a. During public speaking people fear, as they don’t know how the public would respond
    b. Fear related to medical issues
    c. Fear of traveling to a new place
  4. Fear of loneliness
    a. You tolerate a person whom you don’t like anymore due to the fear of being left alone and not getting someone else.
  5. Fear of change
    a. Change of Office Place
    b. New Boss
    c. New Company
  6. Fear of loss of freedom
    a. Not getting in to serious relationship or marriage
    b. Working in the same atmosphere and company
  7. Fear of being judged
    a. Not able to express on social platform
    b. Not able to share ideas to the boss or office team
    c. Not able to show your hidden talent
  8. Fear of something bad happening
    a. Not going to certain places
    b. Getting superstitious
    c. Getting confined to one place
  9. Fear of getting emotionally  hurt
    a. Trying to skip romantic relationships
    b. Not having a pet
    c. Distancing self from family
  10. Feeling Inadequate
    a. You often pass on an opportunity thinking that you are not good enough
    b. Being under confident about your own abilities

If we analyze closely all the above-mentioned fears then in a nutshell we can say that all are more or less related to your mindset, It means that whoever is facing such issues need to change the way of thinking. We can practice the below-mentioned techniques to overcome these obstacles-

  1. From Negative to Positive thinking- Negative thinking earns you nothing, but it gifts you Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Frustration and the list goes on. On the other hand positive thinking costs you nothing but can guarantee a healthy mind and body. And a healthy mind & body attracts wealth and success.
  2. March Ahead – Just go ahead and do what you feel, stop assuming what will happen if you will fail or will get rejected. Whatever will happen will happen, just ask yourself am I doing the right thing by holding myself.  If you like someone go ahead and tell that person you may get success, why always feel that you will not be liked by someone whom you like. In case, if you get rejected than also you are not going to die. This world is huge there are lot of other people.So stop assuming and over thinking.
  3. Meditation- It will help you to be calm and regroup yourself, Think about the fear which is bothering you try and analyze it. E.g. Public speaking- lot of people experienced or inexperienced tend to get under a lot of pressure. They fear this particular situation thinking what if they will fumble or if they will forget some specific lines. In this particular scenario only thing which we can do is to back ourselves, be clear with the idea which you want to represent, let others judge you. You will fail initially but then a situation will come when confidence for public speaking will come naturally to you.
  4. Ask yourself questions- Whatever is the fear you are carrying inside yourself, Question yourself “What I will achieve if I will fear?” “If not now then, When?’’ “How long I can hold on to this same situation fearing of something bad will happen’’ “Is it worth living a life full of fear”.
  5. Be goal oriented- Keeping focus on your goals can help you to fight your worst fears; Goals inspire people to move forward.
  6. Spirituality- Path of spirituality can also help you to get the right mindset in order to counter fears which are holding you back in your life. Reading religious or spiritual books helps you to look the problems of life from a different perspective.
  7. Say no to alcohol/smoke/Drugs- Often due to not being able to release yourself from fear you indulge yourself in to some kind of addiction thinking it can help you out. But you realize that it doesn’t work. You need to come out of these habits as it can worsen the situation.
  8. Think about the future- Suppose you are dealing with the fear of getting you work place changed or getting a new boss then put yourself in a position to look in to the future. Watch yourself achieving new heights under your new boss. It will push you to deal with the fear and take the plunge.
  9. Universal Truth- Think about the universal truth that no one can accompany anyone forever, you have come to this world alone and shall leave alone. This can give you the strength to come out of the fear of getting hurt emotionally or the fear of loneliness. This is a very bitter truth but it is a fact.
  10. Look out for warriors and take help- The best way to deal with fear is to find out people who have earlier faced it and have come out victorious. This can definitely motivate you to stand up and fight with your hurdles.

Conclusion- It is quite natural to have your own fears, As human beings, we often come across a lot of situations where we feel uncomfortable, we wish somehow if we can get out of this situation. But the hard truth is that no one is coming to help you, you have to help yourself. God also helps those who help themselves.  So instead of waiting for a miracle to happen take your first step toward your fear as then only you can leave it behind.

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